The Hole Grows Deeper


The huge hole is right on track to become a new QFC underneath nearly 300 residential units at the corner of 58tht and 24th in Ballard. Strangely enough, the recently completed yuppie projects nearby such as NO-MA and Canal Station are selling, even with 1 bedrooms between 350K and 400K. Long gone are the days of the Ballard Driving School!

And just on the opposite corner, a quaint little house was knocked down to make way for a 30-Unit condo, charmingly named Danielle. It is also, at the moment, a large whole in the ground:

Even at a smaller scale than the others, it will still dominate that corner. (SEE: Goodbye quaint neighborhood. Maybe Ballard will run out of lots for this sort of thing, but I’m not holding my breath,