Tower in the Park

Today’s puzzler: where in Seattle is this magnificent pile of concrete located?

Check out the random arrangement of those seriously cantilevered decks. Check out the openings in the roof overhangs at the top of each of the building-high pseudo-columns. Check out the vertical and horizontal concrete scoring. Check the two stories of blank wall at the base of the building. Zowie.

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  1. Adam P

    It might not be pretty but I have had lots of good times in that building. It has some really nice views too.

    Sorry for commenting so much. I’ll try to moderate myself from now on.

  2. David Sucher

    Thank god for a blog which understands the centrality of the 3 Rules of urban design!

    (Though I am not sure if that is the most convincing example of doing it wrong because of its location, assuming I have that right.)

  3. dorian gray

    University Housing looking to me. It’s probably the most beautiful part of campus which is hideous and crime ridden.

  4. Cale

    I love McMahon hall. Perfect for where it is and what it is.

  5. Andrew

    That building is actually extremely beautiful, as only concrete can be.

  6. Matt the Engineer

    (looking at it through an engineer’s eyes)
    That thing’s a radiator. Concrete is nicely conductive, and those balconies should make nice fins to reject heat to the environment on cold windy days. I’d love to see their heating bills.

  7. danb

    For the record, I have mixed feelings about this building, but I probably like more than I dislike. I like the random decks and the strong vertical elements. I posted the pic because it’s a unique and interesting building that’s easily overlooked.

  8. cjh

    Late to the party (as always when I lived up the “road” from there) but I think we should talk about how that place is a leaky and drafty POS more than its external design features. After a couple of days of light rain in a row, maintenance would have to lay down a line of buckets throughout the building to collect the moisture that had wormed its way through the cracks.

    Or maybe about how its “plaza” over the cafeteria was and is lightly used considering the space allocated to it.

    And so on.

  9. joe

    that’s on the UW campus, i used to live that big concrete beauty. great place to live.

  10. Chris Stefan

    A wonderful example of brutalist architecture.

    There are some other good examples on campus such as Haggett, Schmitz, Condon, and Gould.

    FWIW The Evergreen State College in Olympia has a whole campus full of brutalist masterpieces.

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