The Eco-Fascist Liberals Are Coming To Take Your Cars Away!

“We’re talking about two different visions, one of trying to force people out of their car or of freedom for you to choose how you’d like to move about the region.”

So says the eloquent Dino Rossi. And also, “she wants to force 50 percent of us out of our cars by 2050.” (She being Governor Gregoire, who recently signed house bill 2815 that sets a goal of reducing VMTs by 50% by 2050).

Force! Be afraid! The freedom haters cometh!

Move over gay marriage, flag burning, immigration, affirmative action, etc, the Republicans have discovered yet another boogeyman for their arsenal. Yup, and it’s the same boogeyman who’s also going to force families to leave their picket-fenced houses in the burbs and live in high-rise apartments.

And also today the loopy John McCain proposes a gasoline tax holiday for the summer.

Like pandering to a crack addict. “Calm down, no one’s going to take your crack pipe away, here’s a free rock to get you through the night, and I hope you remember me on election day…”