Good Building

[ Mosler Lofts, at 3rd and Clay in Belltown ]

Every single molecule is right
When all of the subatomic pieces
Come together
And unfold themselves
In a second

— The Flaming Lips

There was some good chemistry with this building, one of those rare projects with just the right combination of people, place, and conditions.

9 Responses to “Good Building”

  1. keith

    Good photo too.

    Is there retail space at the base?

  2. kent

    There are 4 or 5 retail spaces, only one is sold/leased so far.

  3. dorian gray

    Great building. Studio units suck though. They partitioned the alcove to wide for the sleeping area (they shouldn’t have even put a wall up) so the kitchen is super tiny for eating. THere isn’t a good space for place to sit either for watching a tv (which won’t fit anyway) or to read. They also put major appliances on the partition wall so tearing it down will be a pain. Contrast their studios with Gallery and you’ll understand.

  4. KT

    What’s up with the hat on top?

  5. Matt the Engineer

    It reduces solar load, so you can have a huge amount of glass without frying your occupants on a sunny day. (not that they seemed to care on the lower floors)

  6. KT

    But isn’t that north-facing?

  7. Matt the Engineer

    It can’t be – the sun’s on it.

  8. mike

    for those that don’t realize, the north face does have solar access after the equinox.

    as the intersection of 3rd & clay is rotated 45 degrees, “north” would be the corner facing denny.

  9. KT

    So that overhang protects from the harsh southeast sun? I don’t buy it. It’s a decorative element.

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