One Evening on Denny Way

[ Taylor 28 ]

[ Borealis Apartments, complete with dedicated planter balconies. ]

[ Rollins Street with Enso in the foreground ]

[ Looking south on Westlake, the core of Touchstone’s 28-story office tower rising. ]

[ Mirabella senior housing ]

7 Responses to “One Evening on Denny Way”

  1. cale

    Yes! I took a walk around here the other day and my jaw was on the floor the entire time. I can hardly believe how beautiful this part of the city is becoming.

  2. Dan Staley

    Good shots, Dan’l. Thank you.

  3. dorian gray

    Nice photos. That Borealis is interesting they built 2 beds/1 baths -likely due to the difficult high traffic location and no balconies but got the effect with the planters. Nice to see the reuse of underutilized land.

  4. Josh Mahar

    That Taylor 28 Project is really going to be cool. They are doubling the sidewalk area and they pioneered a really neat water retention contraption for the planters. In the winter some of the toilets will actually use water drained from the street.

    SLU is certainly working to pump the urban ideals. I just went to the SLU Park opening and they were handing out maps of the five distinct “districts” of SLU.

  5. Rob A

    Hopefully SLU will soon be to Seattle what the Pearl is to Portland. It surely feels to be moving that way, minus some of the large historic warehouses to convert to lofts (too bad the Public Storage/Ford Factory wasn’t converted to lofts – what an awesome building and perfect location).

    SLU park is going to be very nice for the neighborhood. Walked through the other day, and even in its current unfinished state is a lot nicer and larger than it appears from the street. Exciting times!

  6. mike

    there are a bunch of frou frou douchebags in that one-story triangular building adjacent to 2200. when are they being kicked out? the owner is sitting on a goldmine.

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