Tall and Slivery

Above is a rendering of The Aspen, a 17-story, 194-foot tall condo building under construction in Boise. This building is only 32 feet wide at the base — exceptionally narrow for a building of that height. For comparison, 1310 East Union is 40 feet wide, but it’s only 65 feet tall.

Nothing else remarkable about this project as far as I can tell, but worth noting as a good example of an innovative design solution for an awkwardly shaped site.

UPDATE:   Turns out the parking garage was designed from the get-go to be wrapped in building.  So to my mind, this building is not innovative infill, but more like lipstick on the pig of car-oriented development.

3 Responses to “Tall and Slivery”

  1. Cook

    I like the main face of the building, but the fire escape stairs seem designed oddly (but then again I’m no architect). Also, the first five or so floors on the South-facing side will have a nice view of a parking garage…

    And what’s up with how one of the main features listed on the front page of the website is “Wired for Phone, Cable and High speed internet.” Doesn’t that come standard now? Haha. Overall, still a very nice building.

  2. Matt the Engineer

    That’s no fire escape – it’s access to the wonderful 5-story parking sturcture (shiver).

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