Follow The Color

What is the relationship between the importance of a building and the brightness and saturation of its colors? One building in this photo provides energy for cars. The other provides housing and food for people.

OK, whatever.

Perhaps try a grok at this instead: Gas stations have remarkably resplendent color schemes, yet we barely notice them.

3 Responses to “Follow The Color”

  1. Spencer

    I think it’s called corporate identity. It could also be due to city ordinances.

  2. JesseJB

    Color is illegal in Seattle unless it helps you drive in some way.

  3. JoshMahar

    A well designed building doesn’t need flash and display to entice people to enjoy it, they simply do. The colors of Shell are a pathetic attempt to cover the lifelessness within. (Uh oh, what does this say about Pb’s Big Orange Wall…?)

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