Stupid machine.  That is all.

13 Responses to “Regress”

  1. JesseJB

    leaf blowers are stupid.

  2. Dan Staley

    Perhaps you should display a picture of a loud Harley too.

  3. Finishtag

    Big difference between a two-stroke and a four-stroke engine.

    Has anyone tried to get Nickels’ attention on this leaf blower thing? Seems like if we can ban Styrofoam, we could ban these.

  4. michael


    Are brooms too expensive to operate?
    Does anyone know of any city that has banned the use of gas-powered blowers?

  5. wes

    Amen Dan! I’ve been wondering for years when they will finally get some noise ordnance regulating those loud motorcycles…obnoxious

  6. Oran

    Laziness to the extreme. How does blowing dust around help clean the street? This is worse than sweeping dust under the carpet, it’s spreading it all around.

    I sweep my sidewalk and curb with a broom AND dust pan, regularly. It takes less than 10 minutes and comes out looking nice and clean without the noise and pollution of a gas-powered blower. If only everyone did their share, we wouldn’t need to pay these guys to annoy us.

  7. old timer

    You know, it might be o.k. if they used the thing as a vacuum and sucked the crap up for disposal.
    But, that’s asking too much.

    @ Oran – three cheers! I’m with you on the sweeping.

  8. justin

    ” I’ve been wondering for years when they will finally get some noise ordnance regulating those loud motorcycles”

    I’m pretty sure that there are already limits to how much noise a vehicle can produce.

    My personal pet peave is the huge percentage of people with illegally dark windows, I can’t see if they are looking at me when crossing the street…

  9. dorian gray

    Can they pull you over for overly noisy vehicle or is it a secondary offense? They can’t seriously care based on frequency of the noise I hear from my place in Frelard. Vacuums are also bad. They had silent vacuums a couple years ago but nobody would buy them on account they didn’t believe they were powerful enough to pick up…dirt. Which is beyond stupid.

  10. wes

    I guess the limit on the amount of noise that can come from a vehicle is just another law that no one enforces then. It must not be too low because those fire engines and ambulances are the worst, or do they get a special relaxation from the law?

    Overly dark windows: really!? I thought that was legal here because of how many people I see with them.

  11. Dan Staley

    Here on the Colo Front Range, the city in which I live has signs on the road everywhere that the noise ordinance is “enforced”. If by “enforced” they mean “when we get to it”, then I understand. This neighborhood has lots of really (really) loud Harleys and two of them leave before 6.00 in the morning. The cops come right out and say “if you want to buy us a noise meter, we’d appreciate it”. This is pretty much my experience everywhere.

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