Lost In The Denny Triangle

The unaccounted for:

That adds up to over 900 housing units in projects that have been put on hold or canceled. For some perspective on that number, see here and here.

The current survivor list::

  • The Olivian: (shown above): 27 stories, 224 apartments, under construction.
  • Olive8: 39 stories, 231 condo units (at 455 feet, will be the tallest residential tower in Seattle), under construction.
  • Kinects (1823 Minor Ave):40 stories, 340 apartments, has not yet broken ground.
  • Howell and Terry (1800 Terry): 30 stories, 275+ units, has not yet broken ground (reportedly was put up for sale back in Feb 2008, no current info).
  • Icon Tower: 32 stories, 283 condo units, has not yet broken ground (may switch to apartments).
  • Steward and Minor: 29 stories, 168 condo units, 150-room hotel (project plans are being reconsidered).

These two stayed afloat by converting from condos to apartments:

  • 1200 Stewart: two 36-story towers, 500 units, 800 parking stalls (switched to apartments).
  • Aspira (Stewart and Terry): 37 stories, 325 apartments, 6000 sf retail, 355 parking stalls, under construction.

And two more have recently jumped in:

That’s over 2300 housing units, not including another 300 or so that would come with the two recently proposed projects. If anyone out there has info contradicting the above survivor list, please leave a comment.

(Thanks to Ben over at The Seattle Condo Blog for much of the above info.)

Unlike the irrationally exuberant housing market, the office market in Denny Triangle has avoided a major smack-down. Projects currently under construction:

  • West 8th (2001 8th Ave): 28 stories, ~500,000 sf office, 32,000 sf retail, 452 parking stalls, developed by Touchstone (photo above).
  • 1918 8th (8th and Stewart): 34 stories, ~650,000 sf office, 6400 sf retail, 584 parking stalls, developed by Schnitzer West (core in photo below).
  • 818 Stewart: 14 stories, ~240,000 sf office, ~300 parking stalls, developed by Schnitzer West, construction nearly complete (on right in photo below).