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Someplace, Somewhere…they’ve got it figured out

The answer seems rather obvious to me.











Bicycles Don’t Matter. No Really. They Don’t.

So then why do so many people get their panties in such a bunch about them?
But before going there… talk about Instant Karma: Yesterday I had the closest call I’ve ever had on my bike downtown. A Metro bus blew by me within inches, and when I confronted the driver about it at the next [...]

Call Me A Critical Masshole

(warning: echo-chamber post forthcoming)
Erica Barnett nailed it: “Cyclists are angry for a reason.” As I wrote back when hugeasscity was still an innocent babe, I appreciate the frustration that feeds the Critical Mass gestalt. And this is an appreciation that you cannot gain until you’ve spent a lot of time [...]

Craigslist Brilliance

hipster fixie ‘the bumblebee’ you want this! – $800 (Capitol Hill)
Reply to:
Date: 2008-08-03, 9:24AM PDT
Come one come all! Hipster kids behold: the Bumblebee. Ok so I never got around to painting it like a real bumblebee but you could.
This is your perfect ticket of acceptance into your local fixed gear scene.

Ever wanted to [...]

Not Done With Medfield Yet

[ The coolest house in Medfield -- and children are still allowed to live in it. ]
Medfield made the Boston Globe in a story headlined with “Welcome to Medfield, especially if you don’t have children.” Medfield, like many other similar small towns in Massachusetts, has been encouraging “over 55″ developments because it costs [...]

We Saw The Howling Machines Of Death!

Nothing has more universal appeal than the most technologically advanced killing devices ever created. Except maybe donuts.

The scene at Mt. Baker beach, where every age, race, religion, political affiliation, and socioeconomic class joins as one to bask in the glory of the paramount failure of the human race. I brought my kids. [...]

Lazy and Uninspired

[ Apropos of nothing, a scene from the Umoja Parade at 23rd and Cherry in the Central District ]
Is there anything interesting happening out there? Density this, sustainability that, bla bla bla. Can any of you readers out point us to something fresh and inspiring?
Summer laziness has set in, and I’m going [...]