Lonely Labor Day

This was the scene on Labor Day afternoon at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park on the west edge of the Mount Baker neighborhood. You can see why one commenter nominated this park for the least used park in Seattle.

Given the park’s relative isolation, the low surrounding population density, the lack of activation on the park’s edge, and the terraced design that is impractical for active uses, it’s not surprising that it sees few visitors.  But better days may lie ahead for this park when residential development comes to the McClellan light rail station area (you can just make out the station’s yellow construction crane in the photo).  Visualize 15-story towers sprouting from the Lowe’s parking lot…

2 Responses to “Lonely Labor Day”

  1. The Overhead Wire

    This looks like an awesome park. People here in San Francisco use parks with hills like this for sunning themselves. In fact, i see more people on hill parks than I do flats.


  2. Spencer

    I stopped by this park on my ride home Friday. It’s a nice park. It’s spacious, would make a great amphitheater and is educational. There’s a large open space at the top for frisbee or picnicking. It’s a bit awkward walking from bottom to top. It’s not ADA accessible and the stairs didn’t seem to get enough thought connecting the sculpture area and the viewing area. The view of Downtown from the viewing area is great.
    Access to the site is not easy to find from MLK.

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