Bipolar on Towers

[ Candela rendered elevations by Olsen Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects ]

The Candela Hotel and Residences (renderings above) at 2nd and Pike is in the design review process, but just a block and a half to the north, the 1 Hotel and Residences has only made it as far as a bare hole in the ground dug in 2007.

Intracorp is selling off its 24-story residential project at 1915 2nd Ave, while practically next door at 1931 and 2015 2nd Ave the Justin Company’s pair of proposed 400-foot residential towers is moving ahead. One block east on Virginia, Tarragon’s proposed 43-story apartment tower began the design review process back in 2005, but appears to be in purgatory. And two more blocks east on 5th Ave, the twin-tower, 43-story Heron Pagoda was put on hold this summer.

Up in the Denny Regrade area HAL Real Estate Investments recently proposed a 400-foot apartment tower at 2116 4th Ave, which happens to be right around the corner from The Martin, Vulcan’s proposed 24-story condo tower that has been languishing since 2006.

And last but not least, way out on the manic end of the spectrum: the recently proposed 35-story condo/hotel project at 1012 1st Ave has units offered for sale before permits have been applied for, and conceptual designs have been produced by two architecture firms (see below) even though neither concept could likely be built because it is too close to the Hotel 1000 building to the south.

[ 1012 1st Ave coneptual designs:  Ismael Leyva Architects on the left, Pb Elemental on the right. ]

8 Responses to “Bipolar on Towers”

  1. Brad

    I know that zoning laws are partly to blame for this, as well as supply and demand, but it seems absurd to me that hotels in seattle are so thickly concentrated in the downtown area.

    Hotels are nice for visitors, but they aren’t very useful for city inhabitants. The more downtown is packed with high rise hotels, the less reason I have to go downtown. On the other hand, some of the smaller businesses up in my neighborhood would probably love to have the tourist-traffic that hotels would bring.

    It would be really nice to have some mid-price range, less high-rise hotels in capitol hill or the central district. The hotels in downtown are so expensive that there must be some demand for this. (for example, when my family comes to visit, they often have to stay in the suburbs, because the seattle hotels are priced way too high)

    Either way, I think the design of the hotels in these pictures are rather impressive.

  2. joshuadf

    Yeah, I can’t really think of any on Capitol Hill which does seem strange. There’s a Silver Cloud by Seattle U.
    There are a couple decent small hotels in the U-District, plus Hotel Deca and the Watertown. My favorite is the College Inn, which is a beautiful historic building.

  3. cale

    Candela looks amazing. Between this and 5th/Columbia, I am quite the happy Seattle camper. It’s replacing a parking lot next to Pike Place market… how could that possibly be less reason to go downtown ;-)

    Is there retail at the base or is it just going to be a lobby?

    I’m usually a big fan of PB elemental, but that just looks too much like hanky the christmas poo for me to take seriously.

  4. dan cortland

    Re the PB E pic: for everyone who ever wondered what happened to the AT&T tower’s foreskin, now we know.

  5. kent

    Or, it came in a big box and someone just ripped it open and left it.

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