How Many Differences Can You Spot?

[ Photo taken 9/13/08 ]

[ Rendering from Veer Lofts website ]

Check out reality versus intention for Veer Lofts, located at 9th and Harrison in South Lake Union, developed by Vulcan, designed by Johnson Architecture. Obviously, the first thing they need to do post-haste is paint the bottoms of the decks orange.

I like both versions of the building but would pick the rendering if I had to choose. It’s striking how much the feel changes with a little less saturation in the green paint tones on the lower floors.

It’s hard not to notice how all the verticals are perfectly parallel in the rendering. It would never look that way to the human eye, though it also wouldn’t be as distorted as the photograph, which was taken with a 28 mm lens (on the 35mm scale).