Town Center Redevelopment

At the risk of giving the impression that I might possibly take any of this design and development wonkishness seriously, below is a piece I wrote for the August 2008 issue of Urban Land magazine.  Apologies for the small print, but since the piece is only available online to paying ULI members, I only have permission to post a scan.

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  1. Dorian Gray

    OMG Dan you’re with GGLO!? Ha! We are much closer to each other than I ever imagined. Good read you put together -my CEO forwarded it to us as mandatory reading.

  2. tres_arboles

    Enviro/Smart Land-use group, Futurewise (used to be 1000 Friends of Washington) is mentioning Burien Town Center in an upcoming newsletter. As a resident of that humble…er…city, I am pretty excited about the creation of something approximating a “downtown” here. It’s more than just sharp, new condos and better-than-merely tolerable restaurants (although those help). It’s the sense of community progress; that this is something that while making some developer and several builders some money, also enhances the quality of living in this place.


  3. Dan Staley

    Man I wish they’d start doing more of this stuff around here. Economy is worse than advertised, so we’ll have to wait even longer.

    Well done on the arty, Dan’l.

  4. GW

    Good job. I didn’t notice that you were the author when I read it in the magazine earlier this month. (and thanks for listing two of my projects, too!)


    Town Center Redevelopment | hugeasscity…

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