Vote YES on Proposition 1

Skeptical? This list of debunked myths might help. The debate is endless, and no, Proposition 1 is not perfect, but no mass transit package ever will be.

The City of Seattle always ranks near the top of U.S. cities for educational attainment. But all those big brains can be a curse, because most smarty pantses can’t control their inclination to analyze everything to death, and then to show off their smarty pantsness by endlessly ruminating over all the uncertainty that inevitably arises from thoughtful analysis of any complex issue. And so big plans usually die for lack of firm support.

The importance of passing Proposition 1 calls for a mind shift as radical as could be imagined for the majority of the Seattle area population: We must think more like President George W. Bush. That is, we must be Deciders. As in, 100% commitment, zero doubt. The antithesis of this.

Confidence is contagious. Tell your friends and coworkers. Call your grandmother. Hand out stickers. Write a self-indulgent blog post. Here’s the crux of mine:

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the passage of Proposition 1 would be an immensely beneficial step toward realizing a sustainable future for the Puget Sound Region. Vote YES on Proposition 1.