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AIA Seattle has posted the 2008 Honor Awards winners, though holz beat them to it with this play-by-play (scroll down to 11/04/08). So then, what about that “Perform/Transform” theme?
As noted over at the DJC Streetscape blog, out of fourteen awards, only one went to a single-family home, as compared to last year’s awards when the [...]


Town centers are a new catalyst for small cities (an updated, local version of this).


[ Rendering of the Packard Building renovation that stacks three new floors on top of the existing Foley Sign Building at 12th and Pine on Capitol Hill ]
There sure isn’t a whole lot of the original Foley Sign building left on which to stack the three new floors of housing shown in the rendering [...]

Obligatory Election Post

On Halloween I was out trick-or-treating in my neighborhood with my family when we heard the pop of five or six firecrackers in rapid succession. At least we hoped they were firecrackers. But the cruiser that tore down 24th Ave toward Garfield High School a few minutes later suggested otherwise.
Next morning the CD [...]

The New York Times Editorial Board’s Verdict On Anti-Density NIMBYs

Long Island, a.k.a., the Island of Lost Homes:
“…efforts to build higher-density ’smart growth’ developments have been vigorously, often rabidly, opposed by communities wedded to the single-family house behind the white picket fence.”
The money word is “rabidly,” even though rabies probably doesn’t qualify as a “societal plague.”


Awards for architecture are often dominated by trophy homes and starchitecture, but this year AIA Seattle hopes to shift that focus with a new theme for the 2008 Honor Awards: Perform/Transform. The awards ceremony takes place this Monday, November 3 at 6pm at Benaroya Hall.
“Perform” refers to the need for buildings to respond to the [...]