It’s Almost Painful To Witness The Seattle Times Editorial Board Continue To Flounder Towards Total Irrelevance. Almost.

And the kids over at SLOG get to have so much fun with it that it’s almost too cruel. Almost.

Here, Erica Barnett disembowels James Vesely for his stupendously dumb plea for the taxation of bicycles. And here, Dominic Holden exposes the Seatimes’ curiously passionate fear of proposed incentive zoning, and how their main argument — that if you tax a thing you tend to get less of it — flies smack in the face of Vesely’s call for a bicycle tax. Not to mention that they offer no other ideas about how we might address the lack of affordable housing in Seattle.

Though the Seatimes editorial board appears to be oblivious to the fact that incentive zoning for heights above 85 feet will have zero impact on housing outside of downtown (or have they suddenly become hyper-density advocates?), they are correct to point out that it will be a tricky business to craft code that works as intended across all city neighborhood contexts.

The topic is worthy of another post one of these days, but perhaps some of y’all out there already have all the answers?

41 Responses to “It’s Almost Painful To Witness The Seattle Times Editorial Board Continue To Flounder Towards Total Irrelevance. Almost.”

  1. tres_arboles

    You beat me to it, Dan. Vesley’s editorial column was going to be my blog for today. Of course, that’s all he could be possibly looking for, stirring up sh*t and the attention that comes with it. Because after reading his piece and some of the sensible comments reminding him of how dumb his idea is, it’s hard to imagine he’s so completely stupid. So what is it, Vesley? Utterly cynical or completely stupid?

    I think the former given the column is rent with disdainful but coded anti-cyclist palaver. In real life, most cyclists and most drivers manage to co-exist well enough considering they share facilities that make it difficult for both (at least here in the U.S.). Honestly, I’ll never understand the anti-cyclist mindset.


  2. kurisu

    They gave Cascade a rebuttal!

  3. Spencer

    Awesome rebuttal! I never read the first article though.

  4. What Now, Mayor McGinn? | hugeasscity

    […] apologies for stating the obvious about how stunningly out of touch the Seattle Times editorial board has become, but their take on things is useful in that it does […]

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    The broadcaster, 58, showed off her trimmed down frame as she headed to the BBC studios in central London on Monday. “Attention! Attention!” blares the Russian voice from a loudspeaker. “The nuclear bombs will be launched in one hour.” What you need to know about the new roof that will shelter Arthur Ashe stadium from the rain. Channel 5 show Our Yorkshire Farm, which documents life on Ravenseat farm, was the most-watched programme in a prime-time 9pm slot dicloflam for two weeks in a row. DAVID LLOYD Day five will be a real examination of the bowlers after Joe Root enforced the follow-on, and of dicloflam his own captaincy, because he’ll need to get his combinations right. Victoria has recorded 148 new cases of COVID-19 and just eight deaths as the pressure on Daniel Andrews’ draconian stage four lockdown continues to increase. 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Experts at Oxford University found that honey reduced the frequency of coughs by 36 per cent, and cut the severity of coughs by 44 per cent. Actress Cressida Bonas is still best known for having gone out with Prince Harry. Yet her new podcast reveals her to be dicloflam a thoughtful interviewer too. The centre back gave an emotional farewell to the PSG fans after the defeat, following which The Athletic reported that he is now close to joining Chelsea after eight years at the Ligue 1 champions. A widely respected linguist, he found popularity beyond academia with appearances on NPR and books like the intriguingly titled Going Nucular. With a sequel coming soon, revisit Bill Teds Excellent Adventure. Or watch the latest film from the French director Rebecca Zlotowski on Netflix. The conferences, not the N.C.A.A., will make the decisions about whether to play a season in the fall. How can you get your cultural fix when many arts institutions remain closed? Our writers offer suggestions for what to listen to and watch. A crusade against the F-Factor diet. She went public with her relationship with her lawyer boyfriend Cedric, last month. With no new coronavirus cases and a stunning new hairdo, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk had two reasons to smile this morning. Order cheap dicloflam shop. With quarantine measures returning for holiday-makers in Spain, and the PM warning of a second wave in Europe, the Daily Mail’s MARK PALMER has answered questions about travelling abroad. He has never met his co-workers. Its as weird as you would expect. SPORTS AGENDA – MIKE KEEGAN The furore over the BBC’s use of the n-word has spread to the sport department, with one outraged worker sending an explosive, expletive-laden email to all staff. A little over a month after taking control over coronavirus data collection away from the top US public health agency, the White House is giving it back, Dr Deborah Birx told Arkansas officials. 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