Color Does Exist In Seattle

The designers of the condo project at 1111 East Pike didn’t forget that people can see the back of the building too. Cool project, but is it cool enough to sell in this market?  Hang in there, cause Forbes says Seattle is the country’s number one long-term housing bet.

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  1. Sabina Pade

    A very timely Christmas present to Seattle from the OSKA team!

  2. AJ

    That building rocks so hard.

    In terms of long-term viability for housing and commercial, it’s pretty much a given in the market save for certain things we haven’t gotten right quite yet, but are working on.

    For one, while we have the fastest (second fastest?) broadband link in the country (Fred Hutch), our overall broadband connectivity is medicore at best.

    Secondly, getting to the Airport is a hassle until a year from now. Wait, just one measly year? Oh, so excited!

    In the positive mark, there are lots of properties that are flipping or flippable, lots of neighborhoods that are growing but whose prices have plateaued, and then you have the Seattle cool. Everyone wants to be a doctor sharing a 2 bedroom with 3 other doctors like on Grey’s Anatomy!

  3. AJ

    Oh, forgot to add: regardless of the clap on the back, always take Forbes lists with a grain of salt.

  4. dan cortland

    Aaaagggghhhhh! My eyes!

    The Linen bldg, on the other hand, puts the others to shame.

    Getting to the airport is a hassle? Have you heard of the 194? Like light rail will be, but with fewer stops.

  5. AJ

    Redesign the layout of buses and we’ll talk.

    Oh, and make international businesspeople more amenable to buses.

    Until then, yay December 2009!

  6. Sabina Pade

    The 194 is a perennial favourite of circus troupes travelling on a budget. And not only during periods of inclement weather.

    Of course the troupe takes care to check its bags in very timely fashion prior to boarding the plane to Seattle. That way, the troupe can be assured of a leusurely wait in the baggage claim area upon arrival. Bags duly recovered, when the troupe spots a 194 arriving, all rush out and queue up, only to learn that the 194 to downtown, not Federal Way, is the one that leaves from the other platform, and that it departed 5 minutes ago.

    Already the troupe has spared itself over an hour of potential boredom in downtown. Of course SeaTac has DHS officers patrolling the corridors, so to avoid arousing suspicion, the troupe knows it has to behave inconspicuously while at the airport. No gymnastics or tricks, no trying out the costumes. Perhaps a latte or two.

    Happily, an opportune moment does indeed arrive : the 194 to downtown pulls up. Having been almost full of passengers when it left Federal Way, and having no provision whatsoever for passenger luggage, it’s everything the troupe could hope for.

    The contortionists squeeze along the aisles and ride into town with their baggage held above their heads. The acrobats leap from rider shoulder to handrail to rider shoulder. The lion tamers keep a watchful eye on savage commuters. And the magicians, in the throng, make purses and wallets disappear.

    Thus, after a long flight, for only $1.75 per adult the troupe gets a superb warm-up. And given a timely obstruction along I-5, the troupe may avoid not just the expense of a trip to the gym, but that of a motel stay as well. No dead time, no money wasted : straight to the Arena they go! Gone the empty afternoon in a motel bed watching CNN while waiting for the Domino’s guy to come, and no hunting for quarters to feed the Magic Fingers.

    I’m with AJ. Yaay December 2009!

  7. joshuadf

    End-user broadband speeds are almost always a matter of “last mile” not the network backbone. So at the Hutch or UW we have good speeds because there is fiber to every building and Cat5e to nearly every room. Our home options are limited to cable/telco duopoly buildouts (and pricing). Clearwire and Fios mix it up a bit in some areas, but they use the same contract price structure as other telcos and cell providers.

    Oh, and the 194 sucked again for my family+luggage the other day. At least my toddler found a seat in the back. I can’t wait for Link to open, even to Tukwila will have to be better than the 194.

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