Creating Transit-Oriented Communities Bill Dies In House Committee (But Lives Again)

Publicola has the scoop.

UPDATE:  As I should have added (and was noted in the Publicola post), the fact that the bill didn’t make it out of committee does not mean it’s dead for good.  Proponents of the bill will continue to work with legislators toward a mutually agreeable solution.

UPDATE 2:  The house bill made it out of committee this morning (2/19), see report here.  See also Publicola’s play-by-play of the TOD community forum previewed in this this post.

UPDATE 3:  Word on the street is that the senate version of the bill — SB 5687 — passed out of committee this afternoon (2/19), and still includes the provision mandating no parking minimums in station areas that had to be stripped from the house version to get it out of committee.