Creating Transit-Oriented Communities Bill Dies In House Committee (But Lives Again)

Publicola has the scoop.

UPDATE:  As I should have added (and was noted in the Publicola post), the fact that the bill didn’t make it out of committee does not mean it’s dead for good.  Proponents of the bill will continue to work with legislators toward a mutually agreeable solution.

UPDATE 2:  The house bill made it out of committee this morning (2/19), see report here.  See also Publicola’s play-by-play of the TOD community forum previewed in this this post.

UPDATE 3:  Word on the street is that the senate version of the bill — SB 5687 — passed out of committee this afternoon (2/19), and still includes the provision mandating no parking minimums in station areas that had to be stripped from the house version to get it out of committee.

3 Responses to “Creating Transit-Oriented Communities Bill Dies In House Committee (But Lives Again)”

  1. Shefali from Transportation Choices

    A couple of things to clarify:

    1. The bill is very much alive in the Senate and will have its 1st hearing tomorrow (as mentioned in the post).

    2. We are working with members of the House Local Government committee on ways to modify the bill. We are confident that the bill will be passed out of committee soon.

    The legislative process can sometimes be a roller coaster. Things change pretty rapidly and we will continue to work with legislators to move the bill forward.

  2. David in Burien

    Ugh. To think that it came down to my (usually spot on) Representative Upthegrove ove parking minimums. I can’t tell you how frustrating that is. I fear that I loosed a bit of that frustration in my comment on the Publicola piece (as I did here and on STB once or twice on this issue), but the SDC types get on my nerves.

    Thanks goodness my friends at Futurewise have the passion, but far betters manners than I.

  3. David in Burien

    Recognizing you have plenty of work to do and can’t always update the site in real time, Publicola is reporting the parking minimums were struck, symbolically creating some degree of local control in the bill. This pulled the two “nay” Dems back to the “aye” side in a straight party-line vote. I can settle down a bit now. The bill is now out of committee.

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