The Street Is Always Greener On The Other Side

7 Responses to “The Street Is Always Greener On The Other Side”

  1. harry

    i guess we can’t imagine a green future without cars?

  2. Matt the Engineer

    Free carwashes every day when the sprinklers come on. And you’ll need it, with all of the bugs you collect on your windshield.

  3. BrianM

    Living in California, I wonder if keeping all this lawn green might be MORE environmentally damaging than the asphalt? (LOL-just kidding).

  4. The Overhead Wire

    How sweet would that be…and get rid of the cars…permanent park system.

  5. Osmo

    Not very road bike friendly.

  6. tres_arboles

    @5–Depends on the bike!

  7. justin

    It makes me think of how much space we devot to cars, it’s really quite sad how much infastructure we gave to something that is so bad for us.

    It’s crazy that so many places are undergoing road widening, like going from six to seven lanes for one block of 8th St in Bellevue is really going to help.

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