Location Location Location

This view got me to thinking that if I was going to develop a highrise luxury condo/hotel, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t give the thumbs up to a site that had a hulking, 479 foot tall concrete bunker directly across the alley to the southwest.  It’s not like that was the last available infill site in the entire Denny triangle.

There’s something sort of embarrassing about how close those two buildings are to each other, when most of the other buildings in the area have lots of breathing space.  And the building heights are painfully close to being equal, but different enough to look awkward together.

One can only assume that they did the math, and found that the lower cost of land offset the estimated loss in value due to blocked views.  Or what am I missing?

[  Looking west:  Olive 8 coming out of the ground, right on the heels of the Olivian, adjacent to the northeast.  ]