What it is:  Long on data, short on analysis.  The list below is a sampling of HAC-relevant media that has come bouncing across my personal echo chamber in the last day or two.  Who has time to take it all in, much less interpret what it means?

(And one bonus tangent:  Every item below came to me by way of facebook updates, several of them repeated from more than one person.  The predictions that social networking sites like facebook are destined to become the centralized source for all of our information are looking more and more spot on. And it’s a compelling thing for sure, this distributed system for news, prefiltered by people who share your interests.  Of course that strength is also a weakness, since such a system will tend to reinforce isolated social bubbles — whither opposing viewpoints?)

“The Great Wish across America is to resume the life of comfort-and-convenience that seemed so nirvana-like just a few short years ago, when the very constellations of the heavens might have been renamed after heroic Atlanta realtors and Connecticut hedge fund warriors, and the boomer portfolios groaned with earnings, and millions of graying corporate salary mules dreamed of their approaching retirement to a satori of golf and Viagra, and the interior decorators grew so rich installing granite countertops that they could buy their own houses in the East Hampton, and every microcephalic parking valet in Las Vegas qualified for a bucket full of Ninja mortgages, and Lloyd Blankfein could dream of divorcing his wife to marry his cappuccino machine.”