What It’s Going To Take

James Hansen, widely recognized as the nation’s foremost climate scientist, was arrested today for protesting mountaintop removal coal mining.  I’ve blogged about Hansen here and here, and was so moved by today’s news (via Alan Durning’s fb update) that I couldn’t stop myself from coming out of retirement for ten minutes.  No doubt we’ll be seeing more and more action like this as climate change progresses.

[ Climate scientist James Hansen being arrested for standing up against insanity.  Photo credit:  Antrim Caskey ]

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  1. Anonymous Blogger

    Every day I think about what’s going to happen when the viaduct construction starts, whether I’ll just let it happen and go on with my life, or whether I’ll gather some friends to lay down, tied together, in front of a bulldozer or a dump truck.

    You’re right – it’s going to take a lot. And it won’t just be the obvious things, like mountaintop removal – it’ll be the little, insidious things that we’ll have to fight hardest.

  2. JoshMahar

    Yeah Dan! I missed you :)

    At first I thought this recession would be good to minimize resource use and such, since people are trying to pinch. But now I’m worried that economic matters are totally distracting our global leaders from the real issues of impending climate disaster.

    This is a horrible situation but you’re right, its probably not going to be the last.

  3. Joshua Daniel Franklin

    It worked for Gandhi and Dr. King. I like to think that Civil disobedience is effective, even in cases where it did not have an immediate results (such as nuclear weapons protests).

  4. jeff

    what makes him such a great scientist?

    he hasn’t proven anything.

  5. Beal

    No good scientist proves anything, idiot. They provide evidence that may disprove arguments, and may provide support for other arguments. And when enough support is garnered for one argument over another, it is generally accepted, until contrary evidence emerges. Give Kuhn a read.
    Hansen is a good scientist and his work has lead to a paradigm shift in how the scientific community (and broader society, to an extent) views climatology and the human role in global warming.

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