Community meetings are BORING!!


In an informal poll here are the top reasons people listed on why they don’t like going to community meetings…

Top 10 reasons why people hate going to community meetings

10. I hate sitting in stinky dark gymnasiums when it’s sunny outside

9. Don’t like listening to people ramble on and on and on and on and on and on

8. I can’t stand those turkey roll ups from Costco that they always serve

7. I’d rather be home watching Lost (Facebooking, texting my friends, etc.)

6. What’s the point, no one cares anyway

5. I don’t have childcare

4. It’s always the same 10 crazy people who go to every meeting and say the same crazy things

3. My life is just too busy

2. Meetings are boring

1. I’d I’d rather drown in boiling tar than go to a community meeting

The antidote: Hey listen, I understand that people are busy, that the weather has been gorgeous and there are a million and one other things people can be doing on a warm summer evening in Seattle than attend a community meeting.

So, sit back with a cold beer (or beverage of your choice) at a time of your choosing and attend a meeting with the smartest person you know….yourself!

The Planning Commission is hosting VIRTUAL ON-Line Meeting NOW ( We want to know how your neighborhood has changed and what you most like or don’t like about your neighborhood. We are exploring issues such as growth, transportation, housing, economic development , basic utilities, neighborhood character, open space and parks, public services, public safety, etc.

You just have to take three simple steps: 1. watch a short video, 2. read a short summary and 3. take an online questionnaire.

6 Responses to “Community meetings are BORING!!”

  1. Matt the Engineer

    Grrr! I made it through the survey and the last question, asking if I would change anything about their draft status report, is broken (at least using Chrome). If I click Yes, it won’t let me enter any text and tells me that text is required to continue. So I’m forced to say their draft status report is perfect, which it isn’t.

  2. Barb Wilson

    Oh NO!!! We will see if we can fix that. So Soory Matt

  3. Matt the Engineer

    That’s ok. My only suggestion was going to be include some kind of plan to actually meet the Key Strategies, especially since most haven’t been achieved yet (specifically talking about Queen Anne, and strongly pointing at the Counterbalance trolley, which isn’t even mentioned in Seattle’s Streetcar plan).

  4. seven

    Barb Wilson, who do you work for?

  5. alexjonlin

    I actually love going to community meetings! There’s all the crazy NIMBYs and the people up in the front who never know how to respond, and there’s always that guy with the beard who wears a pink skirt and a reflective jacket.

  6. Barb Wilson

    I work FOR the Planning Commission

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