Interdependence Day

It’s time to rename the 4th of July.  Last night as I watched the fireworks with hundreds of others from the steep slope of Boston Street on the west edge of Capitol Hill, my feeble hyperactive brain began to drown in thoughts  of how I was witnessing last gasps of of dying way of life.

The age of independence is over.   Our obsession with independence has been a failed experiment, both socially and environmentally.   And our prospects in the coming age will be largely determined by our understanding of, and reverence for  interdependence.

So, in the spirit of interdependence, I thank all those who stepped up to keep hugeasscity alive during my recharge, and an especially big thank you to my favorite mistress Madame Density, whose mastery of the art of discipline was a godsend.

Apparently I’m ready to stop being tincandenza and get back into it.  But don’t let that stop those of you who have recently lost your hugeasscity virginity from continuing to contribute posts to this blog.  And to those who couldn’t get up the nerve, don’t worry, we’ll be gentle with you if you ever decide to take the plunge.

Working together we can all help make this blog a bigger force for good.  It’s the interdependence thing.

8 Responses to “Interdependence Day”

  1. Adam Parast

    Its great to hear that you’re all recharged and ready to start writing again. You were missed by all the STB writers.

  2. Ellery

    Hey Dan, glad you are back. Hope you had a good break.

  3. John of Humdinger

    What we’re seeing today is not a failure of independence.
    It is the deepening failure of DEpendence.
    It is the sickening willingness of the sheeple to depend
    on Big Brother for everything from babysitting to weight loss.
    It is the egotistical ambition of our slimy politicians
    to engineer never-ending give-away programs to buy votes.

    Mandated 50% reduction in miles driven?
    Yeah, we gotta stop being so independent.
    Do we check in with the odometer police every night?

  4. Beal

    John – I agree, a failure of DEpendence, but on dwindling fossil fuels, and a society that for over fifty years equated prosperity with a big back yard and a 30-mile commute. Those days are over, and if the remedy is mandatory VMT reductions, so be it, we brought it on ourselves, and thank the gods that we have elected officials willing to take action for change. Dan is right on this one (and on a good many things, for that matter).

  5. Schottsie

    Glad you are back, Dan. But you ain’t getting rid of me.

  6. blaster99

    Dan: I knew that a blowhard like yourself wouldn’t be able to stay away for long. Welcome back. Hopefully this means no more images comparing buildings to flowers. Hopefully.

  7. Becky

    Interdependence rules the day indeed. Nice meeting you in person at Fado last week!

  8. Roger

    Great post Dan.

    Our “experiment” was hijacked by Thomas Jefferson, a slave owning suburbanite from Virginia. Americans have confounded rights with convenience and independence with individualism.

    We are on the road back from that. I like the term interdependence. It’s what I think the founders were really aiming for when they said “we the people.”

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