Weekend Density Update

Bill Dietrich on livable density.

Roger Valdez on Portland’s courtyard housing program.

Aubrey Cohen with a follow up to the environmentalist NIMBY oxymoron. 

Cohen notes that one problem with promoting density in Seattle is that we don’t have many good examples to point to (a.k.a. the burden of the density advocates).  Part of that is because it is still a work in progress in many neighborhoods.  But there are certainly isolated examples of well-done infill housing projects all over the City, and the Pike/Pine/Madison area has many of the best. 

And since we all like pretty pictures, below are two that I happened to have lying around:  the Pearl Apartments at 15th and Madison, and the Bowling Green Apartments at 34th and Spring in Madrona.  Both add density and fit well with their contexts.