Jesus Would Be So Into This!

[ The Blue Angels buzz the Immaculate Conception Church in the Central District ]

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  1. blaster99

    Can I have my tax money back now? Our government is bankrupt and yet still continues to spend money like they’re P Diddy. It’s disgusting.

  2. Paul Ashraff

    With a name like blaster99 it seems like you would like the angels.

    I’ve heard that the events cover the cost of the angels and not our tax money. but, Ive never looked that up.

    As a rebuttal to the noise. it’s merely 8 hours out of our entire year that we have to put up with the noise (said by someone living directly under the path of the event).

    Suck up up b99 you could live someplace where they actually shoot their rockets and guns.

  3. blaster99

    Paul: Congrats on judging me by my username, you f*cking moron.

  4. NORAD Radd

    “Suck up up b99 you could live someplace where they actually shoot their rockets and guns.”

    Baby steps, Paul; baby steps.

  5. dan cortland

    Blaster99: As long as they bunch up like that as they fly over the urban centers, it’s ok.

  6. Paul Ashraff

    great use of vocabulary b99. Moron indeed…clever. Maybe you should consider more interpretations of your “handle” before you make one up or at the very least take life a little less seriously.

    Although the Angels is a waste of presumed tax money they are still a technological spectacle that has some merit. Hell, they go 3 times the speed of sound! They are also a glimpse into another world that most of us can only imagine (or catch in a movie) and should be a reminder that war isn’t the solution it is the problem.

    With that said, the Angels only soar around for about eight hours over four days and hardly constitute the terrible audible intrusion into our cozy little lives away from the war front. Sure I don’t like them just as much as the next guy (Blaster99 included) and probably for much of the same reasons but to berate them for the tiny amount of time they make a lot of disturbing noise is a weak argument. What’s more interesting to me is to understand what they represent in the non-cold war world? Year after year these planes are becoming less useful in warfare and their pilots are replaced with ground based guidance systems. They becoming more akin to the bi-planes of 80 years ago than modern drone jets used today. What does this all say about our current culture? Can we go a little deeper?

  7. blaster99

    Ah, yes. The Angels are “a reminder that war isn’t the solution it is the problem.” Maybe for you and I that is true. But for the mainstream, um, no.

    From the Angels website: “The Blue Angels’ mission is to enhance Navy and Marine Corps recruiting efforts and to represent the naval service to the United States.”

    They are flying around in order to further the war machine that we all fund with our tax dollars. I think I have a right to complain about them. I detest everything they stand for.

    Also, I have never once complained about their noise. I could give a shit about their noise. Stop using it as an argument as if someone even said that.

  8. blaster99

    PS. It’s not the noise that I hate about the Blue Angels. I wish that was my greatest problem with them.

    My problem with them is that their sole purpose is to get young kids to sign up to go to war. As a child they can be wowed by the fast planes, have some kind of GI-Joe type fantasty about fighting in a war. Then they grow up, enlist, get sent to Afghanistan and sit at a terminal flying the remote control drones you mention. Bomb! With the click of a button.

    I don’t feel good about that. I don’t feel good about most of the recuiting the Army does. Prey on the poor. Entice poor people with incentives. Tell em they’ll probably just go to Japan.

    And have you seen the America’s Army video game? They have developed a video game as a recruiting tool. “yeah, kid, you just died but you can hit the reset button. and when you’re done, sign up for the real thing. it’s just as fun.”

    I’m sorry, but I find it disgusting. The Angels AND the video game. It pisses me off and I will not apologize for that.

    Maybe you’re thinking of some esoteric philosphical question about what these planes represent. I’m thinking about the real end game here: sending kids to die in bogus, never-ending wars.

  9. blaster99

    One last thing. My original post mentioned our nearly bankrupt nation.

    This is another reason the Angels piss me off. Even if they do pay for themselves at every air show, they still represent the war machine and the absolutely insane amounts of money we spend on “defense.”

    Have you ever seen the graphs of defense spending vs everything else the government spends money on? Yeah, who needs health care for the poor when we have an antiquated jet fleet and no modern war that even requires them. Just keep on pumpin money into the defense spending and the corrupt companies we use as contractors. Who needs education spending either? Who needs it when we can keep pumping crazy amounts of money into our national defense spending.

    Anyway, I hope I’m being clear on exactly why I despise the Blue Angels. It ain’t their sound pollution. Ok, I’ll stop now.

  10. china

    blaster we may need those jets if China cashes in our debt… or if Iran blocks oil shipping, or or or

    I guess there are not quite useless yet.

  11. blaster99

    Or if Jeb Bush runs.

  12. Kathryn

    Notice they did not do so many long flyovers toward me to the north. Maybe saving fuel? Guess THAT is relative.

  13. jbb

    Gosh, I’m so conflicted…I agree with all the anti-war machine sentiments expressed here…but I have to admit, I still kinda think the Angels are cool, and I actually really like the noise they make (although I would be less excited to have to hear it all the time!)

    Does this make me a bad HACer?

  14. uptown

    b99: you do realize that here in the Puget Sound, we live in the middle of one huge military base?

  15. blaster99

    You’re kidding! Thanks for bringing that to my attention. Wow. Completely missed that.

    Are you going to say this next? “If you don’t like it, get out!”

    What’s your point? We’re surrounded by it so we should swallow the shit?

  16. Ben Trick

    Hey guys, quick kicking he new kid.

    jbb, your a bad HACer.

  17. uptown


    Serious question; many newbies (don’t know if you from here or not) aren’t aware. Many folks around here make a living from the military and there is a lot of support for them.

  18. dan cortland

    What’s “the Puget Sound”? is it near “Pike’s Market”?

  19. blaster99

    Ok, add uptown to the list of f*cking morons. Just after Paul Ashraff.

  20. J David

    I think blaster99 is revealing his inner troll…

  21. paul ashraff


    Like the one in fr(e)emont?

  22. paul ashraff

    like the on in, errr, Fre(edom)mont?

  23. Choko

    kannst Du bitte einen Link zu deinem Beitrag posten?

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