Cars Are Our Salvation Forever

I have been so wrong about cars.  They’re great!

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  1. Sivalinga

    Actual mileage may vary.

  2. Matt the Engineer

    But didn’t you hear the news? The Volt will get 230 MPG!!!!*

    * as reported** by the media

    ** actual mileage likely quite low, as the test started with a full battery and ended with a mostly empty one***

    *** the actual test was 51 miles, 40 of which ran on battery alone. This is probably good news, since most trips are shorter than 30 miles. Of course, we don’t know what the Volt will cost or when they’ll actually start selling the things.

  3. april

    wait, is batman in town?

  4. JoshMahar

    I think I will have nightmares of that McDonalds SUV for many years to come.

  5. uptown

    You remind me of the folks who said I would never get a chance to drive, this was during the 70’s oil crisis.

    Got my license and I’m still driving. Would be nice to have better mass transit though.

  6. christi

    it’s best not to publish photos of grafitti. the theory is that it gives the tagger gratification and encourages them. those could be gang tags, too.

  7. Sirkulat

    “Cars will save the world!”

    The key to this achievement is by not driving them. The key vehicle technology that allows the means to drive less is the Plug-in Hybrid, oft-mentioned by President Obama.

    Combine electricity storage capability of the Plug-in hybrid battery pack with a rooftop solar panel system and households gain a wish list of life-saving advantages and benefits —

    — the ability to survive an emergency grid failure indefinitely.

    — the fundamental means to make the grid smarter by balancing grid surplus and demand load.

    — households gain the means to more closely monitor electricity consumption overall.

    — hybrids offer several key safety vehicle features impossible in standard drivetrains.

    — and the kicker: households gain a choice of whether to drive or cut utility bills. As trips become shorter, more become possible without having to drive. Walking and bicycling become more viable travel options, and mass transit more practical to arrange.

    Plug-hybrids need not wait for Lithium-ion battery development for vehicle application. Nor do they need a battery-only driving range of 40 miles as mandated in legislation. A 10-20 mile battery-only driving range is sufficient, even desirable. NiMh batteries are perfected and road-tested to last 100,000+ miles of deep recharging. Battery-only electric cars require a battery pack 3x the size needed for Plug-in hybrids, a factor that adds numerous complications in cost, energy systems, vehicle design, and routine driving.

    GM is currently claiming their equinox crossover gets better mileage than the Ford Escape Hybrid. Don’t be fooled. The ‘potential effective’ mileage of the Ford Escape Hybrid is indefinitely more than 500mpg. GM’s Chevy Volt sport coupe is priced in the luxury car market at $40,000, near twice the cost of a Ford hybrid, which is GM’s way of killing hybrids by making them unaffordable. GM should have its corporate charter revoked.

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