Hugeasscityscapes Vol.1, Scene 1

6 Responses to “Hugeasscityscapes Vol.1, Scene 1”

  1. Matt the Engineer

    why all the taxis? Is that what downtown will look like once they remove the ride free zone?

  2. dave

    2nd ave in belltown?

  3. Matt the Engineer

    Next to the 1 Union building?

  4. David

    why don’t you embed the video?

  5. Joshua

    The lack of explosions and nudity made this video less effective than it would have been otherwise. But a good first try.

    My guess is that this is not in Seattle… too many taxis.

  6. Chris

    NYC… 20th and 6th ave… looking uptown

    standing in front of Men’s Wearhouse to be exact…

    not the most exciting part of the city

    the most interesting part of the video, is the tow truck…

    NYPD variety… armed officer… no screwing around and that will be $350 at the West side impound thank you!

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