Proper Lighting Is Everything

It was most unfair of me to post a picture of the new Trader Joe’s addition at 17th and Olive on Capitol Hill in such an unflattering, drab, gray light.  Behold its chromatic magnificence in the pristine summer evening sun.

24 Responses to “Proper Lighting Is Everything”

  1. Kristen

    no, it still looks like a 6-storey Applebee’s.

  2. michael strangeways

    A year after they finished this monstosity, they STILL haven’t finished the gawdamned sidewalks…it’s like walking in Baghdad.

    Isn’t there a law or statutue or something that requires them to replace the PUBLIC sidewalk in a timely manner?

  3. old timer

    Is that low income housing?

  4. Kathryn

    Children with crayolas would have done better.

  5. Andrew Cencini

    if someone can get a giant “Playplace” sign up there, then the revolution will be complete (and then they can finish the sidewalks)

  6. Max J

    @1 Hilarious!

    @3 No, it’s low-taste housing.

  7. Brian

    It’s actually kind of perfect in it’s awfulness. Every decision that was made was the wrong decision.

  8. uptown

    “Is that low income housing?”

    No, low income housing looks much better than most for-profit housing. Check out the units built around Belltown; the building Vespa is in on Denny, the YWCA, are 2 that come to mind.

  9. Bill Bradburd

    Its a HugeAssCity!

  10. Byron

    Color does not hide boring bad design. Color this crap!

  11. michael strangeways

    I’m guessing the architect visited their grandma’s 1974 decorated kitchen and got the inspiration…

  12. Sir Learnsalot

    I live right across the street. If it wasn’t for the rooftop garden in between those two buildings I’d probably go mad. On the upside, the sunset reflects well off the bright ugly paint and casts a nice glow in my apartment.

  13. Mistamatic

    Actually, not to be super picky, but the TJ’s is on 17th & MADISON. This backside corner may be on Olive, but the store itself isn’t. Icky apts., I agree!

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