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  1. Brice will be sad to know that your link is impotent.

  2. R

    I wonder what kind of move-in “incentives” they offer?

  3. John G

    You think that’s classy – check out the architect’s web site – Klassy!

  4. marc

    Only in Seattle can one be derided for dressing well. Your implication is that a well-dressed woman is an “escort” (and yes, I get the “Escala/escort” pun- clever). But somewhat sexist, no? Guess she should have dressed in a fleece vest and birkenstocks to meet Seattle’s sartorial standards.

  5. Joe G

    Putting on a little black dress does not a well dresser make. She looks like a high class skank.

  6. dan cortland

    If local regs require that an ad on a building accurately reflect what’s being sold in that building, certain conclusions might be drawn, albeit unconsciously of course.

  7. J

    Thanks for giving me one more reason to quit reading hugeasscity. Your egotism is truly unmatched. Should we start making jokes about what GGLO sounds like?

  8. MJH

    @ 7 you must be referring to “Gigolo”. Gasp! – I’m sure that wouldn’t be a new one for GGLO folks.
    @ 4 yawn…only in Seattle are people so PC…you bore me.

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