Hugeasscityscapes Vol. 2, Scene 2

9 Responses to “Hugeasscityscapes Vol. 2, Scene 2”

  1. Mallahanner

    Oh my fucking God.

  2. dahdoo

    This guy is a complete idiot. Sarah Palin without the curves!!

  3. J David


  4. Michael



  5. Chris Stefan

    Is he drunk?

  6. Mallahanner

    Someone PLEASE post this on Facebook

  7. Joe G

    I don’t get it. What was that? Was he giving a history lesson?

  8. Joshua Daniel Franklin

    I have no idea if Mallahan’s story is urban legend or not, but the cavalier way we treat our history with Native Americans is embarrassing.

    In sort of related news, UW just selected an architect for the House of Knowledge project (same firm that did the NMAI). In a few years it will replace a parking lot on campus.

  9. Seattle Resident

    WTF? He’s either intoxicated or so nervous he can’t think straight.

    Does this guy have so much privilege that he thinks he can just get up there and give a nonsense answer and get away with it?

    I guess it’s been working for him pretty well so far… He’s out-raising McGinn 3 to 1 right now.

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