Who Will Be Drinking At 4:30pm Today?

[ Mike McGinn arriving at the election party in his favorite personal vehicle. ]

It was a good night for hope and the Party of the Future.  Every one of my WTFs has gone the right way.  Assuming McGinn hangs on.  Hurry up and wait until 4:30pm.

The anti-WTF results so far:

  Ballots Cast/Registered Voters: 89132 / 375164 23.76%
  Mike McGinn   42563 50.03%
  Joe Mallahan   41653 48.96%
Council Position No. 8
  Mike O’Brien   44040 57.91%
  Robert Rosencrantz   31835 41.86%
Proposition No. 1
  YES   53715 63.33%
  NO   31102 36.67%


  Ballots Cast/Registered Voters: 254261 / 1079842 23.55%
County Executive short and full term
  Susan Hutchison   104622 42.76%
  Dow Constantine   139501 57.01%


State Of Washington
  Ballots Cast/Registered Voters: 254261 / 1079842 23.55%
Initiative Measure No. 1033
  YES   78111 34.28%
  NO   149739 65.72%
Referendum Measure No. 71
  APPROVED   164724 65.91%
  REJECTED   85188 34.09%

4 Responses to “Who Will Be Drinking At 4:30pm Today?”

  1. Joe G

    Do you think that the election will be called today? Or will we not know the outcome for a couple of days? Maybe mallahan will be ahead and then McGinn will crush him tomorrow? OMG, I’m so excited I think I will have to start drinking now.

  2. BB

    You may be drunk for a long time…if it is this close there will probably be a recount.

  3. David in Burien

    Still too soon for stoke…never too soon for hope.

  4. Madisonian

    Um, Dan? It’s looking like a done deal for McGinn. He’s more than hanging on.

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