Retail Therapy


Instead of staring at the screen all day waiting for the next King County ballot drop, why not do a little online shopping?  Especially since the fine folks at Noisetank have just launched a highly anticipated new line of designer t-shirts for the discerning urbanist.

Don’t believe it?  CLICK HERE and be amazed at the ease with which you can acquire your own little piece of hugeasscity cachet.  Yes, and what’s more, you will feel righteous knowing that all profits go directly to me.  Cause haven’t I been good to y’all these past two years?

Not that this is about profits.  No no no, this is about what we Americans do best:  branding.

14 Responses to “Retail Therapy”

  1. Keith

    Do you use union made t-shirts?

  2. the real keith

    that “i am important” shirt is killer.

  3. Keith G.

    Didn’t know there was already a Keith who comments here regularly. Anyways I just thought I’d mention that there are still a few union clothing manufacturers in the US. If he’s not using union made shirts now I thought Dan might want to look into it.

  4. keith

    didn’t mean it as a jab and i suppose i don’t comment here enough. i agree with you though, union clothing manufacturers sound like a good idea for the hugeasshaberdashery!

  5. Chicka

    Not to be picky…but, what about your lady fans? I suspect that a rockstar blog like this might have one or two that would like to have you branded across her chest. Where are the little baby-doll tees? And why is the American Missionary shirt the only one that comes in small?

  6. elaineinballard

    Thanks Chicka for expressing my exact thoughts. I’d love to have a HAC t-shirt, let’s see some sizes and styles for the ladies!

  7. Dave Bordoley

    So can I just stop by to pickup some sugar and a t-shirt this weekend?

  8. Renee

    I know what I am giving for Solstice this year.

  9. Noisetank Executive

    To those with questions: We here at Noisetank fully understand your concerns. Since this is our first batch of shirts we could only run a certain amount based on our initial budget. We hope to be providing more sizes and options shortly. Thanks for taking a look and keep checking back!

  10. John of Humdinger

    Noisetank Executive:

    Please read page 628 of the Obama Spendulous Bill.
    I’m fairly sure funds are available for expansion of inventories to accomodate Chicka sizes.

  11. seven

    where’s my shirt?

    you got my money so now give me my shirt.

  12. seven

    Got it! I dig it! Thanks!

  13. Jan

    I feel so happy today..nice hand work duh

  14. Moncer

    This web site is fantastic. How did you appear up witht he idea?…

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