The Election According To My Facebook Page

Brice Maryman Mcginn again! (11 hours ago)
Rebecca Deehr McGinn leads by 2384!!!! 50.31% to Mallahans 48.91%.(11 hours ago)
Sol Villarreal Hear that? That’s the sound of victory :) (11 hours ago)
Bill LaBorde > Michael McGinn: Dude!!! I mean, Mr. Mayor Dude!!! Congratulations!!! (11 hours ago)
Chris Bushnell victory! (11 hours ago)
Ben Schiendelman McGinn now up by 2384 (from 1209 earlier this afternoon). Clearly we should wait for the rest to be sure, but Mallahan should be readying his concession speech right about now (11 hours ago)
Craig M. Benjamin Very nice Publicola » Blog Archive » The Latest in the Mayor’s Race (11 hours ago)
Nate Cormier fork. meet mallahan. (10 hours ago)
Ainsley Close 2384 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (10 hours ago)
Nate Cormier today we learned that people and ideas can outsmart and outhustle entrenched power and money. i witnessed “jobless skoolkidz” become the fiercest campaign staff the city has ever known and a i watched a determined activist grow into a genuine leader. (10 hours ago)
Nate Cormier the challenges of our times are unprecedented, but in this victory you will find the recipe for a meaningful and effective response. we took a big step toward a progressive, green, urban future by electing mike mcginn as our mayor. hot damn! (10 hours ago)
Brice Maryman so. excited. RT @atPubliCola McGinn leads by 2384 votes. #seamayor #seattle (10 hours ago)
Chuck Wolfe Statue really smiling (10 hours ago)
Ben Schiendelman > Michael McGinn: Congratulations! Party it up this weekend. :) (10 hours ago)
Alan Durning is 2300 votes ecstatic!!!!!! (9 hours aga)
Alan Durning make that 2,384 votes ecstatic! (9 hours ago)
Renee Staton The spread is now 2,384 votes. It is looking more and more like Mayor McGinn. (9 hours ago)