The Best Thing I’ve Read In The Stranger In Many Moons…

…is Grant Cogswell’s piece in this week’s issue.  Election optimism infused with soul, e.g. look out the window today and consider this: 

You can’t talk about Seattle without talking about the weather, and you can’t go away and then come back without noting that it makes everyone here a little crazy.

Harsh words:

I understand my Republican friends from high school who want to hunker down in their suburban homes in Texas and Florida, make their kids comfortable and safe, cook really good dinners, and ignore the fate of the world—but they don’t act like they are any better than they are.

And hope:

But I am suddenly optimistic, after so long believing there was no cause for hope here, and happy for my friends who live in a city that might now begin to match their great dreams.

3 Responses to “The Best Thing I’ve Read In The Stranger In Many Moons…”

  1. dan cortland

    In the blowing rain,
    Vulcan flacks in pricey shoes
    Creep toward City Hall.

  2. Joshua Daniel Franklin

    I also good lines about the “power seekers who would be Republicans anywhere else learn to wear the costume” and “Without the counterbalance of the P-I this time, the Times’ pro-Bush, pro-Hutchison editorial page had no credibility with the voting public.” Amazing what can change in a few years.

    I’m trying to have realistic and high hopes for McGinn. Government is a strange beast.

  3. Barb

    Have to admit I did not get very far reading this because I was instantly overwhelmed by the Monorail martyrsm.

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