Two Years Old

Even with the handicap of a blog name that’s embarrassing to say in polite company—whatever that is—it only took two years of blogging—whatever that is—for me to go from being a complete loser nobody, to being a guy with the Seattle Mayor-elect in his back pocket.  You need something from the new Mayor, come talk to hugeasscity.  And bring your checkbook.

You can get away with writing stupid stuff like that on a blog.   It’s brilliant.  All except for the not getting paid to do it part.

The two-year anniversary stats:

  • 607 posts
  • 160,911 words
  • 17,236 unique site visits per month as of today, according to Google Analytics

Thank you to all who have contributed:
Alan Durning, Alex Steffen, bailey, Barbara Wilson, BrianK, Cary Moon, Chuck Wolfe, Dave Bordoley, David Cutler, Eric De Place, Jabe Blumenthal, Joel Horn, Joshua, Kate Stineback, keith, MJH, neil gitkind, PostModernDecay, rachel, Renee, Roger Valdez, schottsie, southeastasscity, and WB

And a special big thank you to Madame Density for stepping up.

And another special big thank you to Darick Chamberlin for his pixel-pushing genius.

And last but not least, thank you, oh blessed commenters.