Thank You Seattle

“The city in its complete sense, then, is a geographic plexus, an economic organization, an institutional process, a theater of social action, and an esthetic symbol of collective unity.  The city fosters art and is art; the city creates theater and is the theater.  It is in the city, the city as theater, that man’s more purposeful activities are focused, and work out, through conflicting and cooperating personalities, events, groups, into more significant culminations.”

Lewis Mumford, 1937

4 Responses to “Thank You Seattle”

  1. JoshMahar

    See, I knew you had a soft spot for one-story retail somewhere in that density-soaked brain of yours. ;)

  2. seven

    You’re Welcome!

    You’re All Welcome!!

  3. justin

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  4. I Am A City Builder | citytank

    […] To me, there is no greater calling than building cities. Cities foster proximity. Proximity promotes interaction. We know that the closer people are to each other, the healthier, more productive, more economically secure, innovative, creative and efficient they are because of the interaction. […]

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