Genius Compromise on Ballard Denny’s

After extended weekend meetings, the Seattle Design Commission and the Landmark Preservation Board have unveiled a draft compromise agreement on a proposed mixed-used development at 15th Ave NW and NW Market St that would require the demolition of a building recently nominated for landmark status. The artist’s rendering above illustrates the bold vision of the proposed solution, which is expected to please all stakeholders.

The creative spark behind the proposal was said to have originated with Design Commissioner Henry Miller Lite, inspired by a post he had read on local urbanism blog hugeasscity. The post in question noted how a 16-foot neon Wonder Bread sign salvaged from the factory that was demolished for redevelopment will be placed on top of the new condo building.

5 Responses to “Genius Compromise on Ballard Denny’s”

  1. Damon

    hahaha–excellent work!

  2. mollie

    I think this is an excellent idea
    far and away the best proposal yet.
    I sincerely hope this actually happens.
    I love Seattle.

  3. minney


  4. Mortie

    If they can place the Sunset Bowl right below the Denny’s, we can enjoy the most vertical Ballard ever!

  5. Matt the Engineer

    Love it. Maybe that’s the solution to all historic building problems. Don’t demolish – raise. I see entire old sections of the city on top of new condos.

    In 100 years they can build a larger building with this building on top.

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