Seattle Coffee Works Buys Rights to Hammering Man

Not. But would anyone be that surprised if at some point in the not too distant future it was officially renamed the Starbucks Hammering Man?

Regarding Seattle Coffee Works: they are serving up some serious espresso. On that funky block on Pike between 1st and 2nd, right next door to the obnoxious 50’s rock and roll blaring from Johnny Rockets. Look for the black and orange coffee man on the sidewalk.

Sebastian typically has 7 or 8 grinders set up with different beans and blends to choose from. It’s like a wine tasting. And the doppios that he makes are consistently the best I’ve had anywhere.

So good that I’ll risk this declaration: Seattle Coffee Works has the best coffee in Seattle. Anyone out there have problem with that?

[ The grinder line-up in Seattle Coffee Works ]

6 Responses to “Seattle Coffee Works Buys Rights to Hammering Man”

  1. isaac

    Seatte Coffee Works aka Seattle Coffee Werks is worth or is it werth the trip. Sebastian offers a unique experience and great coffee albeit in an unexpected location – in the gritty confines along Pike.

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    […] But evil doesn’t always prevail.  Across the street the gawdawful Johnny Rockets and its hateful 50’s rock ‘n’ roll that assaulted passersby from tinny speakers is no more.  Replaced by none other than the producers of the consistently best doppio espresso in the entire City of Seattle.  Namely, Seattle Coffee Works. […]

  3. chambre hotes finistere

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  5. Leslie Fringuello

    @John, I am with you really good article.

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