Terminal 46 Has Arisen, Not So Much

I had a premonition. Terminal 46 has been pulled back out of the memory hole by the folks who want to bring us “Emerald City Center.” They don’t have any land or funding, but they think Terminal 46 would make a dandy location for the multi-sports and cultural complex rendered above. Oh, and they haven’t gotten around to asking the Port of Seattle if that would be OK.

All I have to say is I think it looks like a cross between a horseshoe crab and a pillbug.

9 Responses to “Terminal 46 Has Arisen, Not So Much”

  1. Adam P

    If you ask me there are much better uses for waterfront property than a stadium.

  2. Matt the Engineer

    And that’s a very odd place for housing. “Where do you live?” “Out at the stadium, by the loading docks and that strange looking technology building.”

  3. old timer

    They keep saying they don’t need any public money.
    They are really quiet about needing/using public property however.
    Wish these dolts would wake up.
    The party’s OVER.
    Enough games, time to take care of some real problems.
    Quit looking for the cheap booze, the bar is CLOSED.

  4. dorian gray

    ROFL @ “Retail Store of the FUTURE”. It has a Calatrava type attraction but needs refinement.


  5. Matt the Engineer

    Mayor Nickels quick to react: “…for the foreseeable future Pier 46 will remain one of our most active container facilities. KeyArena is our region’s sports and entertainment facility.”

  6. michael

    Yea, the housing certainly looks like an afterthought. The design and concept of this proposal are silly on so many levels, it’s hardly worth discussing. The “virtual tour” kick’s ass though.

  7. dave

    a chiton…definitely a chiton


  8. chainsaw riggins

    Man, I can’t wait to get in there and check out that “AGRICULURE” center.

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