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There Oughta Be A Law

This is the Terry Thomas, Weber Thompson’s new 40,000 sf office building in South Lake Union. It has no air-conditioning. That is, it’s the first significant office building without air-conditioning to be constructed in Seattle for perhaps half a century. NBBJ wanted to do this at Alley 24 but the developer [...]

Do Families Matter?

Seattle’s average household size is 2.08, the smallest of any major U.S. city. Richard Morrill has an informative piece up over at Crosscut discussing this and other demographic trends based on the latest American Community Survey. In short, Seattle is apparrently overflowing with the young, single, wealthy, and overeducated (one downside of which, according to [...]

Lonely Labor Day

This was the scene on Labor Day afternoon at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park on the west edge of the Mount Baker neighborhood. You can see why one commenter nominated this park for the least used park in Seattle.
Given the park’s relative isolation, the low surrounding population density, the lack of activation on [...]

Several of the Most Sincere Apologies in Advance

…for beating this deceased-and-decaying-horse cycling issue a little longer with the following three riffs:
1.) Field Report: Today on my two-mile ride to work downtown, I encountered three cars not using turn signals. Then on my way home, I saw three bikes run a red light at 4th and Pike. Which [...]

Fear of Heights

[ False Creek North, Vancouver, BC ]
A new citizens group has formed to oppose proposed upzones for the South Lake Union neighborhood. The group’s desire to see South Lake Union grow into a diverse and complete neighborhood is spot on. But alas, going on what the PI reported, it appears that their [...]