Burning Man Jr.

The sea of asphalt, big box, and strip malls that sprawls northward from the historic downtown core of Burien is, in it’s own way, every bit as bleak as a dry lakebed in the Nevada desert, so the appearance of flame throwers synced with electronic music and 30-foot tall sculptures of scrap metal may not be as incongruous as the average Staples shopper likely believes.

This was the unlikely scene yesterday evening at the opening of the Burien/Interim Art Space (B/IAS).  The space, envisioned as a “p-patch for art,” occupies a vacant parcel upon which the next phase of Burien Town Square will be built when market conditions improve (more here).  The nearly completed 124-unit first phase is shown in the photo below — quite the sight to see, this Seattle-style 7-story condo project towering over lowrise Burien.

The B/IAS model for making good use of temporarily useless space is classic lemonade from lemons.  And given the current state of the real estate market, there is no shortage of potential sites out there.  I’m thinking duck pond in the hole at 2nd and Pine.

11 Responses to “Burning Man Jr.”

  1. Billy D.

    Dan, don’t you work for the firm that did Burien Town Square? A little conflict of interest here…

  2. tres_arboles

    Billy–Conflict of interest? This post is about the Burien IAS thing. Which is pretty cool for a place like Burien. Even if it were about Burien’s town center, where’s the conflict of interest?

  3. dave

    Conflict of interest? I didn’t realize that Dan was making money or doing some sort of government work with this blog.

  4. joshuadf

    I don’t think this is an astroturf attempt since
    Burning Man acquaintances of mine are genuinely excited about the B/IAS. However, it would be nice to have full disclosure about the GGLO connection.

  5. Sivalinga

    “p-patch for art” LOL

  6. jesus christ, people.

    Wow, Dan writes a blog about his personal feelings on a lot of architectural/planning/design issues and from time to time he writes about something that is loosely or firmly related to his professional work as an architect/planner/design guy?


    Wow, and Dan does this all under his real name?


    Really, wow!!

  7. David

    I don’t know if I’d call this a ‘conflict of interest’ since it is just a personal blog… but I would appreciate knowing about those kinds of connections.

  8. I Call Foul

    @ Jesus Christ, People: If Dan is actively promoting or simply bringing public bringing interest to projects that his firm is involved in, then I would ask if he’s being an “agent” for his firm – i.e. business development. I would find that disengenuous. I think he should let his connections be known.

  9. dan bertolet

    Yes, I am a corporate shill. I’ve been writing the blog for over a year just to create the cover that would allow me to slip in this one post and bring GGLO droves of new and highly profitable business opportunities.

  10. Dane Johnson

    Wow ,, that is just sort of amassing. Thinking Dan is writing this for any other reason then he likes he project.

    Billy and any others who think that way .. You go and spend a year of your life creating a space on this scale as a volunteer first before you take shots at Dan and GGLO.

    Dane Johnson, Co-founder and Creator of B/ IAS

  11. jonn1

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