The Density Zealots, Gung-Ho Enviros, And Social Engineers Are Going To Force All Of You To Live In Buildings Like This, Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(ed. note:  Any resemblence, real or imagined, to the project discussed here is purely coincidental.)

25 Responses to “The Density Zealots, Gung-Ho Enviros, And Social Engineers Are Going To Force All Of You To Live In Buildings Like This, Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Keo

    Looks like a few condos I know off Rockville pike in the DC suburbs ;-)

  2. Keith

    That’s impressive.

  3. max

    This is a very disappointing post, even for this blog.

  4. Uncle Vinny

    Ha! That’s awesome.

  5. Doug

    looks like something out of simcity, nicely done…. you should pass this on to Freiheit and Ho. seems like a missed opportunity for them :)

  6. dave

    This should be submitted to Photoshop disasters.

  7. ECB

    This is one of the funniest things I’ve seen all week. Thanks, Dan!

  8. densityISaGOODthing

    I have to admit, this is pretty damn funny. But I don’t think Dan posted this unless he changed his name to John Fox? Whom…by the way, is not exactly a fan of Louis Mumford ~ if you get my drift :).

  9. craig

    Hey Dan – How about you keeping it fair? Try stacking GGLO’s piece of crap at Bellevue and Olive Street up too? Or maybe the one at Greenlake that just went for rent because it did not sell. Keep it real buddy. Of course you won’t.

  10. Sivalinga

    Inside job.

  11. Dan Staley

    Oooh! Dan’l is getting grumpy, haytur-lite spam from opponents! Moving up in the world!

  12. Scott

    Those are some really big street trees.

  13. Beal

    Ha. This made me laugh. Too bad that actual Ballard development will make me cry.

  14. E.D. hawk

    From the Futurewise bill (HB 1490 / SB 5687), section 1, subsection 6 reads: “Property rights. Private property shall not be taken for
    20 public use without just compensation having been made.” That is the definition of “eminent domain” (without using those two scary words).

    The key feature of the Futurewise bill is the state mandate to impose a 1/2 mile TOD ‘zone’ around all station areas. It’s the zone that is the trigger to eminent domain.

    The Futurewise bill cannot succeed in Seattle without eminent domain because the station areas are fully developed and privately owned. No denser development is possible unless you take property, displace existing residents and businesses, and build new, denser developments.

    Across the nation, governments and large business interests are entering into joint-ventures nationwide to take advantage of ‘opportunities’ for redevelopment, particularly in inner cities. That’s called reverse red-lining. The problem is, the local folk have to be displaced for these large development projects. That requires social engineering.

    Mayor Nickels already attempted to impose Community Renewal (nicknamed “Negro Removal” in the 1970’s). Nickels quietly ordered a “Blight Study” in March 2006 in preparation to condemn private property so he could transfer private property to private developers.

    Never mind that Rainier Vista and New Holly (Columbia Station & Othello Station) are on track to exceed the 2024 Growth Management density goals by 2010. Never mind that density around southeast light rail stations is already at 61 units per acre (on some 1/2 acre sites). These facts are unimportant to Futurewise. The goal isn’t really density. The real goal is access to and control over private property.

    The Futurewise bill seeks to shift local control to the state. This trend in government is the opposite of democracy but most resembles an oligarchy. This isn’t how we like our government to operate. Rule by a powerful elite (Oligarchs) won’t happen overnight but by the slow erosion of our rights. Wake up and smell the eminent domain!

  15. Matt the Engineer

    Your imminent domain claim is not at all well founded. This bill does not tear out privately held properties, using big shiny red state-owned bulldozers. It will simply result in an upzone. As properties are redeveloped over time (decades, or longer), those that build on that land are simply under fewer restrictions – they will be allowed to build taller, more dense buildings if the market allows.

  16. lorax

    E.D. hawk, that language isn’t in HB 1490. It’s existing statute that was passed in 1990. The way bills are writting in Washington state, the bill has to include the entire RCW that is being revised.

  17. joshuadf

    Racism and classism are unfortunately real problems, but it is not as simple as you think. For example, in Roosevelt wealthy property owners Hugh and Drake Sisley hired a neo-Nazi as property manager. I for one am thankful that the city is using the blighted property ordinances against thier slums. It has nothing to do with imminent domain or repossession, by the way; the Sisleys simply must repair or tear down the crack houses. It’s one of those cases where you wish there was a reason for imminent domain, but I guess white supremists do have equal protection under the law.

  18. dan bertolet

    E.D. hawk @14, are your real initials “J.F.” by any chance?

  19. Sivalinga

    Check one:

    _ imminent domain
    _ immanent domain
    _ eminent domain
    _ Eminem’s Domain
    _ none of the above
    _ LOL

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  21. Get My Ex Back

    It really looks like a building model of ancient times.

  22. Lessie Ulanski

    I have been to your site a few times now, and this time I am adding it to my bookmarks :) Your posts are always relevant, unlike the same-old stuff on other sites (which are coming off my bookmarks!) Two thumbs up!

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