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VANDALISM = deep bore tunnels, poorly designed, cheap condos, more roads, short-sighted zoning laws, glenn beck, an unregulated banking system, unlimited credit, tim eyman…………………………………etc.

To Those Opposed to Density and Govt. Funded Healthcare

I Want to Live

I want to be alive when the Earth reclaims itself When eager headwaters conspire to rush reservoirs at once Leaving concrete-strewn playgrounds for spawning salmon. I want to watch the final neon flicker and fade In ghost-cities, asphalt graveyards of cars on empty And long-dry fountain beds, sanctuaries for circling sand. I want to see […]

instant Carma

Exclusive Offer: 2-Mile Deep-Bore Tunnel Absolutely Free! Limited Time Offer! Order Now!

Sadly, that’s essentially the rationale that many tunnel supporters are now falling back on.  You see, if the State can’t have it’s way and get a tunnel, then it’s gonna take its $2.2 billion and go home.  How pathetically embarrassing to all involved that the political relationship between the City and State has devolved to […]

It’s Miller Time (Again) (Sorry)

Preamble:  Please believe me when I say that I am not obsessed with David Miller!  I am, however, hopelessly obsessed with the idea that sustainable urbanism is critical to our future.   And while I don’t doubt that Miller is a swell guy and this is nothing personal, in my view he and his cohorts are […]

Slow News Week At HAC

[  How is that sometimes things grow and blossom against all odds?  ] Apparently surly baristas are nearly as good at getting people’s panties in a bunch as are bicycles.  All apologies for the lack of content lately, but the hugeasscity strategic planning retreat has been a time suck.  The best I can offer tonight […]

Park(ing) Day 2009

[ Park(ing) Day 2008, on Pine St. ] There have been several happenings and changes at the 500 block of East Pine since my last post.  In chronological order: the Capitol Hill Garage Sale had a great turnout that included free vegan tacos, an appearance by Mike McGinn, and an interactive outreach effort soliciting ideas […]

Miracles Do Happen

By every known Law of the Universe, this place should have been a Starbucks.  At First and University across the street from Harbor Steps and the Seattle Art Museum, it’s one of the most primo corner locations in all of downtown Seattle.  But no, miraculously, a family-owned independent cafe called Stella got the lease.  How […]

Can’t Hurt

When I took the paper to the cafe across the street the two people working there didn’t know from Mike McGinn.  Will 80,000 copies of his mug shot spewed across the city make a difference? The Stranger’s endorsement write up is worth a read.  And Publicola’s too.

Courtesy of Urban Land Magazine

From Pawn Shop To Hard Rock

Corporate sterility is on the march up Pike Street.  Can it possibly be true that there are still significant numbers of tourists in the world that think it’s a “must do” to go to the Hard Rock Cafe?  And get the t-shirt too?  Mercy me.  I want the old pawn shop back. The new Hard […]

Jesus Would Be So Into This!

[ The Blue Angels buzz the Immaculate Conception Church in the Central District ]

The Truth About Density Advocates

City Council Candidate David Miller, known in some circles as a tireless neighborhood advocate and in others as a wackjob NIMBY, had this to say on Publicola a few weeks back: “There are two thoughts in density in Seattle. One suggests density is inherently good for Seattle and the environment, the other suggests that only […]

Stating The Obvious: Hugeasscity Wants You To Vote For Mike McGinn In The Mayoral Primary

[ Mike McGinn at the Umojafest Parade today in the Central District ] Hey, super!   But does anyone give a flying fug what those “hugeasscity guys” think? Do endorsements matter? Mayor Greg Nickels has a massive endorsement list—check it out for yourself below after the break—a who’s who of local enviros and politicos.  But […]