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Our Carbon Futures

For those who have recovered from the mayoral primaries, you may have noticed that the Waxman-Markey Climate Bill, otherwise known as H.R. 2454, the American Clean Energy and Security Act, has moved on to the Senate… and the debate over how best to dilute it is about to start.  The Bill is huge.  It is 1,428 pages of […]

It’s The End Of The World As We Know It

TOD in Seattle Business Magazine

A good overview of transit-oriented development in the Seattle metro region by Clair Enlow.  Though in my humble opinion the subtitle “TOD finally catches on” is a tad sanguine.

“The Right To The City”

Hey man, don’t you even try to sneak a quick, furtive glance into the entrance of the Lusty Lady.  Cause in case you didn’t notice, that black and white orb hanging beneath the canopy on the Four Seasons building is a surveillance camera.  Is the camera pointed your way?  Is it recording 24×7?   Who […]

The Office of Sustainable Urbanism

I’ve been dreaming of a new City of Seattle department:  The Office of Sustainable Urbanism. The kind of department a visionary new Mayor of Seattle might be inclined to establish. The Office of Sustainable Urbanism (OSU) would supercede and absorb the Office of Policy and Management, the Office of Sustainability and Environment, and probably DPD’s […]


Pb Micro-Ghost Towns

Pb Elemental cranked out a remarkable number of progressive projects like this one with the big orange wall on 23rd Ave.   Alas, their timing was just a wee bit off.  The three Central District projects in these photos were looking pretty lonely last time I checked.  It’s too bad, cause Pb pushed design innovation much […]

Hugeasscityscapes Vol. 1, Scene 4