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Well on it’s way to 440 feet, this is 1521 2nd Ave: 38-stories, 143 luxury condo units, designed by Weber Thompson, developed by (can you guess?) Opus. It will be the tallest residential tower in Seattle, and is targeting LEED Silver certification in order to qualify for a height bonus under the City’s new downtown [...]

Runberg Row

This is the six-story, 117-unit mixed-use project in the works for the vacant lot on the NE corner of 14th and East Union on Capitol Hill. Designed by the Runberg Architecture Group, and overall, I like what I see. Or perhaps I should also say I like what I don’t see, namely, a [...]

Federal Way Going Hugeass

Hell yes, this is coming to Federal Way, WA, a bedroom community of about 86,000 people located between Seattle and Tacoma. Part of the City’s downtown redevelopment strategy, the project consists of four towers from 16 to 24 stories on a 4-acre site, with a whopping total of 900 residential units, along with 60,000 [...]

Not About Seattle

This is an exciting moment in American Political History. We have recently entered the final year of the hated GW Bush’s reign, and we are in the midst of the “primary” fight to succeed him. Today, the Saturday before the ‘08 Super Tuesday” primary – which somehow drifted from March to February – We got [...]

Death of a Street Wall

[ Photo: Dan Bertolet ]
This was the mother of all street walls, on Airport Way in Georgetown: about 50 feet straight up, and only 5 or 6 feet back from the curb. The sense of enclosure you’d feel along this street was like nothing else in Seattle.
Though some speculate otherwise, the [...]