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Hugeasscityscapes Vol. 2, Scene 2

A Testimonial, Albeit With One Big Caveat

Hugeasscityscapes Vol.2, Scene 1

Hugeasscityscapes Vol. 1, Scene 5

Hugeasscityscapes Vol. 1, Scene 4

Hugeasscityscapes Vol.1, Scene 3

Hugeasscityscapes Vol.1, Scene 2

Hugeasscityscapes Vol.1, Scene 1

Thanks for the Heads Up!

(aside from a reprimand from dan bertolet, this is the other notice I received yesterday)  

“Like a Beautiful Child, Growing Up Free and Wild”

bobbysherman-seattle12 (Bobby Sherman…you sarcastic S.O.B.)

And so on…


VANDALISM = deep bore tunnels, poorly designed, cheap condos, more roads, short-sighted zoning laws, glenn beck, an unregulated banking system, unlimited credit, tim eyman…………………………………etc.

To Those Opposed to Density and Govt. Funded Healthcare

Visualize Ballard

Remember this post?  Well, we hadn’t seen nothin’ yet.  The nightmare has become fully realized with the design review board’s acceptance of the development at the former Denny’s site in Ballard.  Even compared to earlier posts on this blog about this project which only showed (or mocked) the beginnings of what was obviously going to be a […]

Vanity is the Quicksand of Reason

Leave it up to a starchitect like Rem Koolhaas to create engaging, lively, useful public spaces like the pivotol corner of 4th Avenue and Spring Street.  Someone tell me how this promotes an active street face? I don’t know whether to blame the City of Seattle for being so ga-ga over the Dutchman and allowing this […]

Sidewalks Can Be Cool Too…So Why Aren’t They?

Cost, you say? Accessibility? Lack of imagination? Oh Europe and your ancient progressive ways…

The Massively Important Issue of Sidewalk Etiquette

I walk to work everyday and have, for a long time, been perplexed by why so many people don’t know how to use sidewalks.   The generally accepted method is much akin to how cars and bikes use roadways.  Your path of travel should always be to your right (Anyone wager on how many folks are […]

If Seattle Had A Brain…It Would Be Portland



Money Well Spent